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Thanks to KaKy we have a bunch of maps to ensure you won't get lost on your way to this years Australian National Yo-Yo Championships.

Westfield Marion in relation to the city..

This one shows the area around Westfield and where Warradale Camp is in relation to it.

If you're in the city and you want to get to Westfield Marion either take the Norlunga Train and get off at Oaklands park and then walk to Marion as shown in this next map.

There're quite a few buses that go to or past Marion so here are all the numbers which go from the city to Marion: 198, 199, 213, 215, 216 - these run 7 days a week and are probably the most direct routes to use.

Not too sure where to get on them in the city as I don't use buses... but I think if you look along King William Road you should find the right place, or Victoria Square is another place to get on.

Here's where the buses stop at Marion in relation to where the stage is:

Info for bus/train/tram fares - not sure if interstate student cards are accepted here.

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