Bootleg YoYos... at a National Competition

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Re: Bootleg YoYos... at a National Competition

Postby hefty » Wed Feb 04, 2009 5:43 am

ima kinda uncertain how i feel on this one, while yes they are rip offs and the sponsors would be unhappy, the fact is its still a yoyo right?

these compainies sponsor the event and not the players, so the player should feel free to use whichever yoyo they see fit.

but at the same time i feel that it should not be allowed my head is confused :?
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Re: Bootleg YoYos... at a National Competition

Postby vooie » Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:58 pm

[quote="Metabolis"]An unlikely scenario..

A youngster was given a bootleg yo-yo for their birthday. They had this yo-yo for perhaps a couple of years and had learned a bunch of tricks, like you do. Not really involved in the yo-yo scene they just happen to see mention of ANYC. So they learn a comps trick or two and turn up on the day.

Sorry mate, you can't compete with that.

is this a story about me cause this is exactly like me i have a DM ripoff and i was gunna participate but then i saw this post which made me sad but ohh well next year will be ok .....and skip is giving me a TFL anyway i can still compete hahaha.
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Re: Bootleg YoYos... at a National Competition

Postby Dented » Mon Mar 09, 2009 5:58 pm

It just wouldn't be right to allow bootleg yoyos to be played at a National level no matter how small the community/competition is. It just unfair to the original manufacturers i.e the sponsors, who have been supporting the Australian yoyo community for years. I don't believe someone competing at a National level would use a bootleg yoyo considering that Australia has a relatively strong currency and a decent standard of living. An Australian player could afford an original yoyo if they really wanted to. Although I understand it if other players believe in the "right to yoyo", it still does not justify the promotion of bootlegs (it's still stealing). If Audley and whatnot decided to sponsor the event, they should only promote yo yos such as the Virus or the Inca that are the products of their own genuine hard work and not the reproductions of a yoyo company, such as Ben's Yoyofactory, that has been promoting the spobbie (sport/hobbie) of yoyoing around the world for years. Many people own a bootleg, but if you decide to ask anybody here on the forum how they would feel about playing their 888 bootleg at Nationals and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't feel so ecstatic about it. Its NOT fair to the international yoyo community, it WILL reflect poorly on the Australian Yoyo community and it WILL threaten the existence of sponsors at the Australian nationals in the future. If Audley or whatnot wanted to sponsor bootlegs in countries with low standards of living, low GDPs and children couldn't afford the originals then really the problems I have previously listed wouldn't be of such controversy or great concern. Unfortunately for them Australia just isn't one of those countries.
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