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Cheap Chinese throws

Postby Dunnycan » Tue May 08, 2012 9:28 am

Hi All,
Id like your thoughts on cheap chinese yoyo's. I currently have a Popstar & a Protostar, both play fine though the Protostar does have a slight vibe to it wich I dont mind. I recently brought a cheap chinese throw from ebay for a nephew of mine as he was showing some interest but I didnt feel comfortable spending a bit of money on something he would forgrt about tomorrow. So I got him a Magic T5 yoyo for the priceley some of $12 delivered with 5 strings, bargain.

As I had access to it for a few days & im a cheeky monkey I decided to give it a throw. Within 10 minutes of playing with it I was back on ebay buying myself one. Its smooth, quiet, sleeps for days & feels really nice in the hand. With the YoYO factory kit im lucky to string a 2 trick combo together, With the T5 I can string 6 or 7 tricks into a 1 throw combo.

I know there are a lot of bootleg yoyo's out there but I cant match this trow to anything else ive seen. I dont think ive seen Its shape, response & bearing together in 1 yoyo before. Ive played a few high end metals & this is equal if not smoother than most ive played. Any way do a ebay search for magic yoyo's & youll see their range of products, I just ordered the T6 for another relative & will post how it plays if I get the chance.


Quick edit to ask if anyones using Nylon string? I can get it delivered cheaper than polly & I play nothing else now, i reakon it rules.

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