I just received my order!

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I just received my order!

Postby khensthoth » Sat Sep 24, 2005 1:19 am

Hi. I just wanna express and share my excitement and hapiness upon receiving my order from yoyonation.com after just 7 days of ordering, 5 working days to be exact. That's 5 working days from New york to Melbourne.

For you guys that haven heard of yoyonation.com, check it out. Pat, the owner of yoyonation.com provide fast and cheap (there was a promotion,it ended) shipping, free yoyonation.com T-shirt (it's really cool) for purchases above USD30 and above all, the great services.

The website also provide colour choices and a very very cool and useful yoyo comparison feature.

Yoyonation.com RAWKS!!! Check it out.

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