I had a guy come into work yesterday...

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I had a guy come into work yesterday...

Postby sajica » Wed Jan 24, 2007 9:38 am

I had a guy come into work yesterday... which in itself isn't too suprising, though he's a powdercoater, I asked him if he did cashies and roughly how much he'd charge to get yoyos powdercoated. The answer was Yes, and probably about $20 and he apparently has a huge range of colours, so if anyone wants stuff powdercoated just let me know and I'll look at getting something sorted out. We can briefly discuss it at Nats, as he wants me to come out to his factory to look at his fish, and he owns the business.

I'm still waiting for an anodizer to come into work :p

Looks like I might have to order some Dif's off stu ;)
If it didn't happen at Nats, It didn't happen.
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