A big Hey Hey! From the UK

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A big Hey Hey! From the UK

Postby Yo_iceblade » Mon Jun 19, 2006 6:03 am

Hey guys!

Just found this forum when looking for the Ozzie nats videos - so thought I'd say hey!

Seen some of the Nats videos so far and they are realy cool - it looks like we as a country are on the same skill level as you guys which is cool, but I think you guys have more players (competing players rather) then us.

This was the first Oz nats am I right? How did you guys find it went?

Is there gonna be an Oz seed at worlds this year? And if so is (I think Mark K) going? I know Brad usually goes - we have a few more players coming this year which is cool, especially as it's ridiculously friggin expensive to fly from the UK to Florida at peak time!

We have our UK nats in a week which should be good - although I am totally not prepared!!!

Anywhoo like I said just wanted to say hey - I'll check back often now that I know this place is here!


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Postby Metabolis » Mon Jun 19, 2006 7:38 am

It was the first officially recognised national competition yeah. Next year the winner (of 1A) should be seeded into worlds.

It was a good day and definitely a learning experience with regards to organising the event.

Hopefully we'll see more people competing next year as there weren't too many people travelling from interstate.

Good luck at the UK nats.
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Postby retch » Mon Jun 19, 2006 4:21 pm

hi luke, cheers for the sponsor email early on ;) it seemed to work a treat!

i think the comp went surprising well, i was expecting a turnout of like 5 people hehe

we'll have a seed next year... i won't be making it to worlds this year, it costs so much money for such a short time...

and yeah i think our scenes are similar. both are quite small, but we've got dedicated players. the thing that's different is our country's huge and it's ahrd to get all the players together...

hopefully everyone had a good time and will tell the other interstate players that it's worth the $200 for the plane tickets to get here and compete!! now everyone's got six months notice instead of three... :D
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