Grand Opening GU-YO! (Griffith University Yoyo Club)

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Grand Opening GU-YO! (Griffith University Yoyo Club)

Postby puffy » Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:53 am

Hi guys.. just wondering if anyone around Brisbane and Goldcoast would like to join a show.. there will be a multicultural festival at Griffith University Nathan Campus on 14th of October and they asked me to do a demonstration so people will know that there is a new yoyo club.. after the show, people who are interested can register to join the club.. no money required to join the club.. I will provide some cheap moded yoyo if they are people who would like to start playing straight away.. all people (not Griffith university student) can join the club.. i think it will be better to have more people doing the demonstration and we could also catch up while doing that.. its been like a year since we have the last meeting, is it..? :roll:
if anyone live around brisbane. you must add me as a friend! hoho.
add my msn : as.p_cool@
if you have a facebook or friendster, add me with the same email as well. :) its a must!
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