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I use a friction sticker on both halves, stuck right over the top of the starbursts. It plays a lot better when the pads are worn in a little.

The guts consist of 4 spintastics orings, 2 orange washers (as used to secure pc motherboards), 2 spacers and a de-shielded bearing. I soak (and shake) the bearing in Shellite as pictured above.

To remove the side inserts, I use a suction cup wall hook, they're available at $2 shops and coles for a very low price. I've put a large oring in each half to add a little more weight. According to the hardware store I bought them from the size is D50, they cost $1.20 each.

As you can see the oring fits quite snugly underneath the spintastic weight ring.

Put the caps back on, everything back on the axle and you're ready to go. Click here for a demo.