Yoyo Crusaders



A rare glimpse of the YC video process in action, the draft copy of the 2nd vid "We Can't Be Stopped".


Spintastics TigerShark
WobbleMaster, Inc. - The YC Mod Factory

METABOLIS (Brisbane)
Organisational Genius

"What competition? There is no competition. You've seen our videos, what's up??"

I went to Surfers Paradise recently, here's a vid of my adventures.

cold fusion+lazy kwijibo
buo smasher   double on
lamb kebab combo

RETCH (Sydney)
Standover Man


More retch footage for his diehard fans. video1 video2 video3

HUXLEY (Sydney)
Seargant at Arms (Keep him away from the beers)

"Yoyoing rules. I'm showing those bitches in school who thought I'd amount to nothing .. I ain't no chump."

White Buddha 2 (almost)

emphasis on the dead

angry tells it like it is

Mount Druitt - Rooty Hill - Parramatta - AWWWW PENRITH!!
Ipswich - Goodna - Inala - AWWWW INDOOROOPILLY!!


A U S T R A L I A   R E P R E S E N T